Closer to the Edge

Take Risks, Have No Regrets

Risk :: noun :: ˈrisk :: possibility of loss or injury, peril :: someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard

You know what the definition says to me?

Scared. Scared to move forward. Scared to take a step back and try another path. Scared of your limits. Scared to push your boundaries. Scared to step beyond your comfort level. Scared to step outside of the box you let others pigeonhole you in. Scared to lose something you have. Scared to lose something you think you have. Scared to gain something you want. Scared to gain something you didn’t know you wanted or needed. Scared.

I’ve written about why “risk is everything” before. I wrote in that post, risk IS everything, but if you don’t ever try or risk anything, then failure is your only option. Failure is not an option.Failure is still not an option.

Call it epiphany. A sign from Miss Luna in all her full moon glory. I was reminded tonight to take risks. To put yourself out there to live and to love. To fall on your ass, get up, and dust your butt off and try it again or try it another way. But for all that is holy, don’t give up.

Take a risk. Take a risk on anything, everything…life, love, career, laughter, whatever!!

I have two tattoos on me that are constant reminders to me to live and love in this life we have and today they were my reminders to “never forget, to never regret, to live my life closer to the edge.”

Regrets are choices that you deemed were too risky to do or say because you were scared of the possible outcome, good or bad.

Risk is still everything and I no longer will have regrets in my life.