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Songs of My Life: August 2013

Whew, August…you were a doozie in music and I loved every single song you presented me.
A lot of messages and signs received from the Universe and a lot of reminders to have fun. You also reminded me that it’s wonderful being me.
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“Get Low” by Editors
No specific reason why, just am really digging this song and I am still listening to this album on repeat for hours on end.

“Glow” by Donavon Frankenreiter
I have 3 iPods. One I run with because it’s small, one I use in my car, and one that I call Pandora’s Box because it’s like a million gigs and holds my entire iTunes library. This song kept popping up on the iPods and Pandora for about a week. I took that as a message from the Universe. It’s also been in Songs of My Life before so I’m glad the Universe knows when I need this song in my life and I’m glad I listened. “The more things change, the more they shine. Glow. I wanna see you glow. I wanna see your daylight shining all around your heart.”

“Heart on Loan” by Lostprophets
I really do adore this band. They know how to write some catchy, infectious, hooky songs. This is one of them. When I hear the lyrics, “…You can’t go on with your heart on loan…Don’t pretend you know, I won’t let you go. Little darling, never gonna make it alone. I won’t break or sever. This stays forever…” I think of my oldest niece, Riley. However far we are apart, she is my Stinker and I will never let her go.

“Comfortable in My Skin” by Xavier Rudd
This is my most played song in my iTunes. I can’t tell you why, but I can tell you that after 37 years of being alive in this Universe that I am finally comfortable in my skin. I finally get me, who I am, what I like, what I want, and so on.

“Do or Die” by 30 Seconds to Mars
Another band I really do like and it’s not because Jared Leto was in My So Called Life. If I’m being truly honest here, I’ve only seen about 15 minutes of that show and it was only because my friend’s band was the party band in a scene. When they were off, I stopped watching. I really have been a fan of theirs from day one of their arrival to the music scene. This is another “anthem” song as I call it and this song, like “Closer to the Edge” has become an anthem in my life. “We dream out loud. Do or die…”

“We Bring An Arsenal” by Lostprophets
Another catchy song here. “Cause your tongue is a gun and your brain is the trigger…If you bring a gun baby, we’ll bring an arsenal. If you think we’re done baby, we’ll bring it, we’ll sing it…you’re never gonna be a threat to anybody.”

“Take Me Home” by After Midnight Project
I’m bummed this band never got the exposure they deserved. I really enjoyed their first release and this song is catchy. Who hasn’t felt the lyrics “I’m sorry I can’t love you. I’m sorry I can’t make you see who I am.”

“Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” by U2
August was filled with personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual epiphanies and during one of them, this song was playing and the lyrics hit me so hard that I was immediately brought to tears. It just reminded that I really did have to do what the lyrics said, “You’ve got to get yourself together. You’ve got stuck in a moment and now you can’t get out of it…it’s just a moment this time will pass.”

“Friday-Friday” by Boy Kill Boy
Infectious. Dancy. I fully connected to this one lyric: “I know something needs to go…”

“We’re Here to Save the Day” by The Constellations
Hailing from “The A-T-L”, (Atlanta) this is another band I am a champion for. They are infectious, fun, catchy, good time activists, and as they described themselves for their first release…southern gothic rock. I just call it good ol’ rock. Again, August epiphanies and this song helped me to realize something in my head. “…You are a slave to your wage. You sold your soul for something you never will obtain…the sky is full of shining stars along the Milky Way. A living, breathing constellation here to save the day…”

“Slow Burn” by Atreyu
Mental epiphanies that come up and bite you in the ass are the best for me. They are the ones that make me stop and listen. They are a wake up call. A call to action and this song was the sound track of one of the epiphanies I had the joy of realizing this month. “My life is a mess and I can’t find a way to fix it…The darkest reaches of my soul are riddled with self-doubt…my will to fight will more than suffice when others would lay down. It’s only as dark as you make it. I can’t keep telling myself what I want to hear. I can’t just close my eyes. I know that it’s killing me and it’s poisoning the best in me…”

“God Only Knows” by Joe Henry
To who/whatever you believe in, pray to, etc. This song sums up a lot for me and what I hope to be for my two nieces. “God knows that we just don’t know how but I’ll try to be your light in love and pray that is enough for now…”

“My Number” by Foals
This song is just fun and an insane earworm. If you aren’t moving to the beat, you need to get your pulse checked.

“Sehnsucht” by Rammstein
This song reminds me why I love this band. Angry drums, guttural vocals, crunchy loud guitars, slick bass, and intricate keyboards. I have no idea to what the hell they are singing in German or what it translates to in English (nor do I really care). Could be rainbows and kittens. Could be death and mayhem. All I do know and care about is that it rocks.

“Devil’s Got a Holda Me” by Colour
This is another “song kept popping up in the month of August”. Sadly, this band is no longer together, but they did leave us with some amazing music and this one of them. “Devil’s got a holda me. It’s a lonely road. The ground is cold, it’s so damn cold. We’re all in the same mess oh Lord.”

“Nutshell” by Alice in Chains
Simple. Heartbreaking. Beautiful.

“Face to Face” by Dead Sara
I just love the raw emotions that come from Emily Armstrong’s voice in this song. Here is the album version and here is an acoustic version

“Applause” by Lady GaGa
I am digging GaGa’s new song. I have no shame saying I am fan of hers. I went with the lyric video on this because it shows some of my favorite drag queens!

“Is That Too Much To Ask” by Beth Hart
The lyrics to this song kind of sum up my feelings when I am having a whoa-is-me-my-life moments. “Someday maybe I’ll understand this crazy old life is in my hands. Someday maybe I’ll figure it out…Wish me luck, give me something. Just make it real and make it last.”

“I’m Not Your Girlfriend” by Aimee Allen
I love the attitude of this song. It’s ballsy and defiant. Dating, relationships, whatever is hard. Guys think girls want marriage, kids, and a white picket fence. Some girls do. Some girls don’t. This song is for the girl who doesn’t and the guy that happens to meet her. “I don’t want your number, I don’t want your last name, I don’t want to meet your mother…don’t speak until you say goodbye. I’ll be okay. I’ll be all right. I just want you for tonight.” The unfortunate thing is that the only YouTube clip is set to Buffy the Vampire Slayer which truly does take the “fuck you” out of the song and crushes it with pop culture. Gah!

“Come Over” by Kenny Chesney
I’m not the biggest Kenny fan, but who hasn’t said this to someone or wanted someone to say it to them. “We don’t have to miss each other…We don’t have to fix each other, come over.”

“Stay a Little Longer” Brothers Osborne
This is another song that’s very similar to the above. “Something like a strong wind is coming over me. It’s gotta hold of me. Thinking and doing things I shouldn’t be…One more call leads to one more what are you doing right now? Tearing t-shirts off each other, your hands all over me…one more time is not enough…one last kiss and then you’re a goner, lying here wishing you could stay a little longer…”

“Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” by Arctic Monkeys
Another infectious little diddy from this band. I cannot wait to have this album.

“Grey Room” by Damien Rice
I really just love the sadness and heartbreak in this song. Somewhere on a darkened road, this song just spoke to me.

“Honest with Me” by Bob Dylan
This song just rocks. I am surprised a band hasn’t covered this song. It’s a great uptempo song.

“How” by Stereophonics
      This is an acoustic version of this song, but still captures the song perfectly. “How can we go forward when we don’t know which way we’re facing? How can we go forward when we don’t know which way to turn? How can we go forward into something that we’re not sure of?” Sometimes, you just have to have to ask how, trust your gut, and jump.

“How Soon is Now” by The Smiths
This is one of my favorite 80’s songs and one of my favorite songs by The Smiths. Again, another road trip, late at night gems that asks, “How can you say I go about things the wrong way?” What is wrong for you, isn’t necessarily wrong for me. What works for me, works. You can judge all you want. Just know, I acknowledge you, but I’m not judging you.

“Undressed” by Kim Cesarion
Because we have all met someone who has gotten under our skin and we don’t know why. This song is a great description of how we’re thinking/feeling: “I don’t get it, I’m not drunk. A million people in the place but you’re the one that gets me like, hi my name is whatever you call me…So let’s get undressed cause I wanna see you naked…”

“Don’t Wait Anymore” by Bronze Radio Return
I wrote in a the post, Take Risks, Have No Regrets that I was going to continue to take risks and have no regrets and when I heard this song, I thought, why yes Universe, thank you for reaffirming my thoughts. “Now I may not know what to do and I may not know what to say, but I know I don’t wait anymore for change. Because you can’t change fate when you show up late and leave it like it was before. I don’t wait anymore…”

“You and Me and the Devil Makes 3” by Marilyn Manson
I just dig this song and it’s aggressiveness. “There’s not a word for what I wanna do to you…If you get in bed, someone will fall in love. You and me and the Devil makes 3”

“Pretending” by HIM
LOVE this band! This is one of my top 10 favorite songs by them. So glad I got to see them on the Rock Allegiance tour this month! “Love is a flame that can be tamed and though we are its willing prey, my darling, we are not the ones to blame…So keep on pretending our heaven is worth the waiting…So keep on pretending, it will be the end of our craving…”

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