On Writing

30 Day Writing Challenge: Exposing Myself Through Writing

So my friend, Mike, and I are doing a 30 day, 1 post a day writing challenge starting September 1st. We can write about whatever we want as long as we write something/anything and post it.

Doesn’t seem hard, right?

I struggle with writing 500 words daily in whatever work in progress (WIP) I’m working on! So this is going to be tough while I’m racking my brain to be creative for this challenge while continuing to write in my other WIP.

But I’ve accepted the challenge…

I want to push myself creatively and go outside my comfort zone mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and explore topics I normally wouldn’t share vocally with others.

In other words, I’m exposing the darker regions of my mind to the humanoids of the Universe. I’m scared and excited about stripping parts of my personal facade in the name of creative writing.

My goal is to write about the following in either opinion pieces or creative/short stories. (Dates/topics are subject to change as the creative sparks fly)

9.01 – music
9.02 – training
9.03 – short story (subject self realization)
9.04 – occult/occultism
9.05 – review of The Juliette Society
9.06 – pushing boundaries/limits
9.07 – short story (subject loss)
9.08 – depression
9.09 – short story (subject drugs/alcohol)
9.10 – honesty/truth
9.11 – 911
9.12 – short story (subject religious or science fiction)
9.13 – pornography
9.14 – a letter to my sister on her anniversary
9.15 – review of Haven’s season premiere
9.16 – short story (subject supernatural)
9.17 – being single
9.18 – fantasy football
9.19 – short story (subject eroticism/erotica)
9.20 – short story (subject character confessional)
9.21 – privacy/trust
9.22 – preseason hockey
9.23 – being female
9.24 – love
9.25 – my thoughts on religion
9.26 – sex
9.27 – fetishes
9.28 – morals
9.29 – 37 Things I’ve Learned in 37 Years
9.30 – Songs of My Life: September 2013

You can follow Mike and his writing at http://exoeagle.wordpress.com or on Twitter

Wish me luck and I hope through this exercise in self exposure, I help open your world to other possibilities.