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Solid Ground

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Glen when he was playing a radio tour with Chris Richardson in 2012 (check out Chris’ infectious tune “Why You Mad” featuring Caskey).

Please take a moment to listen to this song.

Lyrically and musically it’s a wonderful song.

And though I used Twitter and Facebook to share the song with those follow/are friends with me a few days ago, what I posted couldn’t do it nearly the justification that writing this post can, or I hope, can do.

Being in the entertainment industry and being a music junkie, I hear a lot of shit music (sorry, there are unfortunately a lot of artists who will never leave the hometown bar spotlight) and what a lot of big labels try to sell to the mainstream listening audience is polished shit music that is so shiny you can see your reflection in it. I am not knocking that music. I like, own, listen to, and support some of that polished shit music. We all do no matter how “cool and hip” we think we are. There are those that will never appreciate anything that is not spoon fed to them in a glittery package.
There are those that eschew mainstream music and go outside the masses and are constantly looking for new music, new artists. I like to consider myself one of those and when I find an artist(s) to support they are fucking stuck with me as fan/supporter of their music.
Glen is one of those artists. I can’t say when I heard Chris and Glen play I knew anything about either of them, but once they stripped the music down to just vocals and instruments with no processing, auto tune, etc the talent of these two men shined through and that is what caught my rock loving ear.
Talent. Lyrics. Music.

That something that shines in the dark. That something that makes you stop and listen.

It might not be your cup of tea musically but usually a true music fan acknowledges and respects the talents of other musicians/artists.
When Glen posted on Twitter about his new song, I immediately went to listen. I had heard some of his other music and his talent was shining through even if I preferred Rammstein on a normal basis (thankfully, I appreciate all forms of music).
I was immediately blown away by “Solid Ground.” To me, the lyrics are a confession of soul who has loved and perhaps lost or of a soul who doesn’t want to lose. The lyric, “falling at the speed of sound,” paints and captures how one feels when falling in love or losing that love. It sticks with me throughout the whole song as a strong reminder of my past, present, and future. To remember, to believe, and to find that solid ground.

There’s just something magical about this song that sticks with you well after it’s over.

For me, that’s what music is. Creating something great and finding it a solid ground (pun intended) to stand and shine its own.

Glen has something going on with the Universe and its creating some great stuff that needs to be shared. I’m glad to help and I hope if you read this and like what you’re hearing, you will share  it with others.

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