Calling It…I’m a Runner

Half marathon training…I hate it. I get no joy out of it. I find no joy in doing it. I took a week and half off (probably not the best idea) to take a step away from it.

Could I run a half marathon without it? Probably.

Is it smart to do so? No.

Will I continue to train? Yes. I want to be able to finish the half even if I’m crawling across the finish line.

Most people train for a minimum of eight weeks, but I knew myself and knew I’d need a lot more than that and I wanted to drop a few pounds before I actually did my half as well. I also knew I would hit walls in training. Walls I would have to climb over, go through, or around.

The last week and half was a giant wall, but I’m glad I took the time away because I realized what I missed from it.

Yesterday, I ran 7 miles and I realized that I missed the silence in my head that I get when I run. The only thing I’m focused on is my breathing and reaching that next mile. Occasionally, a thought will pop into my head, but I’m able to sort out whatever it may be that bothers me or ponder on it for a mile or so and let it go.

I guess you can call it the zen of running.

With every foot strike, I find a mental freedom and sometime emotional freedom.

Will I keep running after my half? Yes. It is the cheapest form of exercise for me. Free. I get to run outside and be one with nature. I get to run in the sunshine or in the rain.

I guess, I’m officially calling myself a runner.