On Writing

Boundaries Be Damned

On the list for today’s 30 Days of Writing Challenge is: pushing boundaries/limits.

When I came up with my list of things to write about, I decided I wanted to push myself to write thing I normally wouldn’t share publically.

I am pushing myself out of my safe and comfort zone.

Later in the month, I want to write a short story that falls in the erotica genre, but in all honesty, writing the word cock and making it sound sexy makes me giggle and roll my eyes. I also have this fear that someone will read it and think, she’s a whore, slut, pervert, etc.

Still, writing an erotic piece and posting it, is pushing my writing boundaries to try something new. Aside from a sex scene here or there, I have never written erotica. I have written science fiction, chick lit, crime/suspense, but nothing of erotica.

And I couldn’t even tell you where to begin. Even if you wanted to read a erotica novel, I couldn’t tell you where to begin (though I do know it’s not with 50 Shades of Gray).

Except for writing query letters, this piece will be the toughest thing I tackle from a writer’s perspective.

It could be the worst thing I’ve ever written or the best.

I just have to find that confident sexuality part of my head, handcuff myself too it, and run with whatever it spills forth.

I think a part of every writer finds a nice safe refuge in his or her writing/writing world. We build imaginary worlds and imaginary people. Some project their reality onto their creations. Some project their dreams onto their creations.

For me, there will be no limits and that makes me nervous as I strip my writing façade away one word at a time.