Everyone Watches a Version of It

I will admit without shame that I am completely fascinated with the world of the adult film industry…aka…pornography.

If I could be on a set and actually watch the filming of a porn, I would jump at the chance. I have so many questions about how the industry works, how filming works, the logistics of filming the movie and scenes, why a straight man is doing gay porn, why a lesbian is doing straight porn, how long do you really have to “perform” on set, are you expected to just be ready and go when they shout action, and so on that they would probably kick me off the set.
I don’t care why the stars got into porn. I care about how it all works, who comes up with the ideas, do they do auditions, table reads, is there a “costume” designer, etc.

In another job, we had adult film stars that would occasionally come in for interviews and I would listen to their interviews and have a dozen more questions of my own. There was one adult film star who only allowed her husband to direct/film her for movies (not cheating if it’s your job and your husband is there watching she said) and the porn couple who decided they only wanted to be in films together (they had met on set…awww). I could go on and on with stories, but that’s another post for some other time.
It wasn’t until I had that job that I realized pornography wasn’t taboo and it wasn’t that dirty little secret in the back alley on the gritty side of town.
Pornography is a million dollar industry with adult film stars crossing over to the mainstream of America. For example:
     – James Deen stars in The Canyons (based off of Bret Easton Ellis novel and directed by Paul Schrader) with America’s favorite train wreck before Miley, Lindsay Lohan
     – Sasha Grey stars in The Girlfriend Experience by Steven Soderbergh and is a successful author and DJ
     – Traci Lords was in Cry Baby (wonderful), Serial Mom (brilliant), Blade (love)
     – Ron Jeremy – met him at a station appearance, he’s a very nice fella & funny
     – Sly Stallone…bet you didn’t know he was in a skin flick did ya…neither did…when I could only think of the 4 above, I had to Google crossover stars and his name popped up. Yep, I had a WTF moment too?
     But the list goes on. Some you know, some you don’t know you know.
Porn is an interesting topic to discuss and I always love finding out the boundaries of what people find acceptable.
People who say, “Oh my God, I would never watch porn!” are the first people to talk to you about the orgy scenes in True Blood or the sex in 50 Shades of Gray.
Sex is sex.
Sex in a TV show is the same sex in a porn.
Both can be bought for a subscription fee through your local cable provider.
One isn’t taboo.
One is taboo.
One is safe for the bible thumpers of the world to watch and still go to Sunday services with a smile on their face, hoping the shame of enjoying seeing a naked Eric bang a naked Sookie doesn’t show on their face while the pastor preaches hellfire and damnation and mortal sins of the soul.
One is for those who have an open mind and aren’t ashamed to admit what they watch and if they were turned on by it.
Sorry world, sex sells and the human race is buying.
I am grateful for the open mind I have when it comes pornography. Yea, it’s gratuitous but it’s porn. If I wanted a gentle love scene, I’d go watch the Cinemax/Showtime (aka Skin-a-max/Blowtime) version of that same porn they show between the hours of 1 am to 4 am edited down to be “proper” film.
“I watch porn for the dialogue and story line,” said no one ever.
I won’t write that I would never watch nor have I seen a porn flick. I have. I have no shame in admitting that. I’m a curious person and if I am curious about something, I will delve into and ask who, what, where, when, why, what the hell, how the hell, huh?
I don’t think it’s wrong if you watch porn. I don’t think it’s wrong to watch porn…together with your partner, alone, or if you sit around with a group of friends and make a drinking game out of it (I’ve done them all, but the last one, is my favorite. The drinking game was ridiculous and I have never laughed so hard in my life.)
For me personally, there are some that I like that turn me on. There are some that I’ve watched and thought what the hell is going on here and why? There are some that have just made me roll my eyes and laugh out loud.
You can think less of me. That’s your judgement of me. I have no judgement of me and I am not ashamed of it. I am not judging you for watching or not watching porn. It’s your prerogative, do what and who you want to do.
I am just here to say that if you’re curious, don’t be ashamed to go sneak a peek or explore.
Because in reality, if you’ve watched two animals hump each other on the Discovery Channel, it’s about the same as watching two humans hump each other on the Playboy Channel.
Usually gross and quite funny and slightly entertaining…