Being Single

To me, being single isn’t the end of the world.

I have sole possession of the remote control which means I can watch the NHL network, Doctor Who, SyFy channel, or RuPaul’s Drag Race any time I want to without having to DVR it or waiting for someone to relinquish control of the remote.

I can take up the entire bed and all the blankets too.

I can try out any new restaurant, bar, concert venue, etc at any time I please. I don’t have to wait for someone’s schedule to clear. Shockingly to some, I go by myself (gasp!)

I can go see that band, artist, movie, gallery opening, etc if I want to. Again, I don’t have to wait for someone’s schedule to clear. I love to do this and it doesn’t suck going alone.

I know people think “well, at this , one must have X, Y, & Z and a man to be complete or fulfilled.”

I can tell you this. I am a 37 year old woman and I am complete without a man.

But don’t you want a man in your life…I hear all my gal friends asking.

To be frank and completely honest, what I currently want in a man is a no strings attached sex partner.

Notice I said sex partner and not life partner.

He doesn’t have to buy me flowers, dinner, drinks, check in with me every day, take me on dates, meet my family (or I meet his) and so on. There would be no need for a “define the relationship” talk other than defining it as a sexual relationship between two grown and consenting adults.

It may seem weird to others that I think and feel that way, but some may need/desire a relationship and there are some of us that desire something else.

I know too many gal friends who are defined by their man/partner. They have never been alone for more than two hours. They think they need to have someone in their life all the time.

I am too independent and I like my freedom to do as I want.

There may come a time when I meet someone who switches the switch in my brain and I’ll find myself thinking “well damn, I would die for this person because I love them so much,” and if it doesn’t, then I will continue to live my life as I want.

Do not take this post as a I am not jaded by men. I am not. I love men. I love their swagger, confidence, the way they smell, they smile, the way a t-shirt clings to their chest muscles, and so on.

I have met and know men who have changed my life for the better. That have inspired me to create, to be a better person, to dream bigger, and to push myself past my comfort zones. Even the guys who brought tears to my eyes, I’ve learned wonderful things from and I thank them for every tear that was shed and every lesson learned.

Having said that, there are a few times I miss having a man in my life and it’s usually when I can’t get the damn jar open…