Vacation Planning: Costumes, Bathing Suits, Duct Tape, Caution Tape

Via text with my Scorpio Sistah, Julie:

Julie: I’m gonna make a Rombello spotify playlist this week. Eek. We need to start planning.

Me: I know!!!

Julie: Literally gonna pack costumes and bathing suits! Now that is a vacation!

Me: Amen. I have duct tape and caution tape for us.

Julie: Stop it.

Me: Yep. Will try a few ideas this wknd and text you results.

Julie: Too bad you don’t have a boy to try them on…Or do you?!?! LOL. Damn, I wish you were here.

Me: I don’t 😦  Wish I were there too.

Then on Rombello’s Facebook Julie posts:
You know its going to be an amazing vacation when your planning conversations include: caution tape, duct tape and “I’m only packing costumes and bathing suits”!

Again, pushing boundaries, exploring what I am comfortable with.

If you would have asked me in Nov 2012, if I would have worn just costumes, bathing suits, and tape on a cruise, I would have given you an absolute NO.

Nov 2013…I’m 110% more comfortable in my skin than I was in 2012. There are still moments when I still feel like the shy and awkward nerd in school, but recently, I have found confidence in myself that I didn’t know existed and I have enjoyed pushing myself out of my own comfort zone.

I have learned to explore what pushes my buttons and the things that I once thought were “too extreme” for me are in reality, not at all. I just had to ask myself why I feared it.

So I’m going on this cruise in November and this is one of my theme songs: