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A Late Night Visit

Pushing the glass door open, I smiled at the elderly security guard and walked to where he sat. “I’m here for a meeting with Gray,” I said before he could ask what my business was and filled out the paper on the clipboard.

“I figured. He mentioned he had a meeting with someone,” he said, glancing at the clipboard. “You know where you’re going Lillian?”

I nodded to him with a smile. “I’ve been here a thousand times.”

“Never this late. I’d remember a pretty lady like you.”

I felt myself blush. “Thank you, and no Sir, never this late.”

“We’ve got the lights down in the theatre, so be careful. Stick to the edges.”

I nodded. “You have a good night.”

“You too.”

I pushed myself through another set of doors that were heavy wood this time. A murderer could take a life on the other side and the lobby would never hear it. It made me wonder why they even had a late night security guard. I was positive the guard who had complimented me couldn’t push the doors open with his fragile self. I however, did take the security guard’s advice and stayed close to the edge of the theatre.

Once I was in the backstage of the theatre, I made my way towards Gray’s office. I had been there hundreds of time for work and it always felt like I was going into a dungeon. I often joked with him that it was forty-two steps to hell, which was the number of steps to his office. He said he liked the basement office. No one ever bothered him because the staircase was never lit well and people were often too scared to go into the dark. When I reached the bottom stair, instead of going to his office, I walked to the bathroom and propped it open with the toe of my shoe.

Checking the time on my phone, I turned it off and slid it into the pocket of my coat.

“Are you at the door marked B? I’m walking up right now,” I heard Gray’s voice say from outside the bathroom. “I’ll be there in a second.”

I listened as he walked up the stairs and once his footsteps fell silent, I walked out of the bathroom and to his office. I knew I had only precious moments before he returned with his dinner that he had ordered. I slipped off my coat and placed it on the back of the couch that was in front of me.

“So, my nine o’ clock is here?” Gray’s voice asked from outside his office. “All right. If she doesn’t show up soon, I’ll send a search party out.”

I watched Gray walk into office with his dinner. He was in own world and walked by me without even flinching. If I had been a snake, I could have bitten him without any warning. “No need to send a search party,” I said as he placed his dinner on his desk. “I’m here.”

He turned to face me. A surprised smile appeared on his face. “You’re my nine?”

I nodded, pushing the door to his office closed. I walked to the closed door, locked it, and leaned against it. “I figured you might need some help with paperwork.”

“Paperwork?” he asked, leaning against his desk and crossing his arms across his chest.

“Or a distraction,” I answered, biting my lower lip.

Gray rubbed at his face with his left hand. “This,” he said sweeping his arm in my direction, “is definitely a distraction.”

“Do you like?” I asked, slowly walking to him. I was currently wearing a black bra, black boy shorts that were his favorite, lace top thigh highs, and black heels.

Nodding, a sexy smirk crawled across his face.

That smirk was what had caught my attention when I first met Gray. It was deceivingly innocent and honestly naughty. Putting both my hands on either side of him on the desk, I leaned in closer. “Do you think,” I asked and kissed his neck, “I could be a helpful distraction?” I kissed his neck again and then once more where his neck and shoulder met.

“Mmm…,” he said, putting his hands on my waist and pulling me closer, “yea. A much needed one.”

As Gray’s hands moved slowly from my waist, up my back, I felt myself getting wet. His touch had the kind of power that ignited flames of desire in me. Just the thought of having him inside me and on top of me made me even wetter. Sliding my hands under his shirt, I pulled it up and over his head. I reached for his hands and put them on the desk. “Those stay here,” I said and kissed him on the neck. I let my hands glide slowly down his body, feeling his skin excite underneath my touch. Reaching behind me, I unclasped my bra and slide it off. I leaned closer, letting my breasts brush against his bare skin as I kissed my way down his body. I knelt in front of him like a servant to her king, unbuttoning and pulling the zipper of his jeans down one zipper tooth at a time. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as I peeled his jeans off of him. Seeing his cock pressed tightly against his boxer briefs, it begged to be free of its cloth prison. I tugged at the cloth and unwrapped the present that was pleading for me. I looked up at Gray with a smile and licked my lips. He tried to move his hands, but I put them back down on the edge of the desk and placed my hands over them.

If my name had been Goldilocks, I would have declared his cock, “not too small, not too big, but just right.” It was perfection in length and width. I placed one hand on his hip and cupped his balls with the other. I gently rolled my fingers across his balls as I ran my tongue down the length of his cock. I heard a quiet moan escape from Gray’s throat and I smiled to myself, making him moan and growl made me just as wet as thinking of him inside me. I licked the side of his cock as if it were a popsicle and then the underside of it. He hardened even more with every stroke of my tongue. When I reached his balls again, I eased one into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Feeling his hip tense against my hand, Gray’s breath grew heavier as I switched to the other one. I licked him again and slide my mouth around his cock, pressing my tongue against it and sucking it.

Gray moaned and ran a hand through my hair, but I reached for it and put it back on the edge of the desk.

I eagerly devoured him, taking him in deeper with every breath and sucking him harder with every bob of my head. A throaty growl escaped him and I feel his cock twitch in my mouth. His pre-cum saltiness sent a shiver down my spine and I eased my assault on him, moving slower and steadier. I grabbed his ass and let myself relax so I could take his entire length into throat. Gray moaned as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I pulled back slowly and then swallowed him again. His breath quickened as I took him in deeper. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me away and onto the couch behind me. He dropped between my legs and tore the soaking wet boy shorts off of me before I could tell him that the night was only about super serving him. He flicked his tongue across my already excited clit and I became his slave. His tongue invaded my already wet pussy, licking, sucking, and pushing me to the brink of sheer ecstasy. My back arched and I heard myself whimper in pleasure. God, he had a magical tongue, but it was his cock that I wanted inside me. “Fuck me now,” I groaned, digging my nails into his shoulders.

I looked down to see that sexy smirk that sends shivers down my spine flash across his face as he thrusted his cock into me. We both let out a mutual moan of desire. As he grabbed the back of the couch, I wrapped my legs around him so he could go deep inside of me. He moved steadily in and out of me as the thumb of his free hand rode my clit. He pushed deeper and deeper inside of me, riding me harder as our groans grew louder. I grabbed his body and clenched a fist full of his hair, pushing him down against my hips until we both came in rasping moans and cries of ecstasy.

Breathless, Gray collapsed next to me on the couch. A sigh of satisfaction escaped him. Standing, I retrieved my bra from his desk and put it on. Kneeling next to him, I put my boy shorts on his bare stomach. “You can keep these.” Pulling my coat from the couch, I slipped into it and button it up.

“That’s all you wore?”

I smiled naughtily at him. “If you ever need help with paperwork again, call me.”

© 2013 Shelia Taylor
All rights reserved