Exist Loudly

Let’s Get Weird

I have learned and discovered that there is pretty much a sexual fetish for anything and everything. It is completely fascinating that some people are turned on by balloons. Yep, balloons. I don’t get it, but someone out there is turned on sexually by balloons.
To each his/her own.
When most people think fetish, their head immediately goes to whip, chains, latex, leather, but that is such a narrow view of the fetish world.
In my opinion, as long as you’re not hurting a child or animal, do whatever gets you off.
Balloons turn you on. Yay, for you! Prancing around like a pony turns you on. Yay for you! Dressing up and pretending your an alien from Plan 9. Yay for you!
We humans have enough stress in our lives and we shouldn’t be taking it into the bedroom (or wherever you’re doing your thang).
We should be having fun and enjoying our free stress reliever of whatever gets us off.
Some people don’t like to think that they have a fetish or fetishes, but we all do. (Admitting or not.) Some people don’t like to explore the world of fetishism and some refuse to even think about it.
When I take friends to a fetish event/party, their reactions usually fall under one if not more of these reactions:
– Friend # 1
“There’s a half naked guy in a welder’s apron. Weird. He’s got a nice ass. They’re playing my favorite Depeche Mode song, let’s dance.” For the next several hours, that’s what we do. Admiring the bravery of some to just wear electrical tape and underwear out in public.
     – Friend # 2
“Whoa, this dude is getting his lips sewn shut. I am so freaked out but I can’t stop watching. Why is he doing this? I’m going to go find out.” They may never get the answer why, but they’re willing to try and learn more on why a person likes what they are doing/going through. (This instant, the guy was into whatever “torture” his Mistress would do to him.)
     – Friend # 3
“This is amazing. Who knew there was so much going on. I wonder what it’s like to do this, that, or another.” Their curiosity is piqued. They want to perhaps try something things besides missionary sex.
     – Friend # 4
“Sorry, I bailed.” They did not understand and cannot wrap their head around anything that was going on. They are so freaked out by the sexual freedom in the room that they leave scared.
     – Friend # 5
“This is weird, but okay. Whatever.” They are okay with what was happening around them. They didn’t have to understand it. They didn’t judge it. They just had fun with it all.
     – Friend # 6
“Do I get to dress up? I’m in.”  They are happy to go and let their freak flag fly without fear of judgement.
     – Friend # 7
“He said he’s in an open relationship with his wife. She’s upstairs spanking someone and I just made out with him on that bench.”  They are exploring what floats their boat, what boundaries they have or don’t have. They are looking for freedom in their sexuality.
My first fetish party was pretty much on a “what the hell, let’s go see what they’re doing over there” whim and I’m so glad I went. I went in jeans and top. No one inside judged me for being different. I’ve been to fetish parties dressed up. No one inside judged me for my costume, where on the outside, I was slut-shamed for dressing too provocative.
The fetish world is non judgmental. You like what you like. I like what I like.
“It’s your thang. Do what you want to do.”