Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: November 2013

November…the month of my birth. The month of a full moon in Scorpio. An awakening inside of me and in my soul. The Universe gifted me so much this month that I don’t think I can truly ever thank it enough. Music opened my soul. Strangers restored my faith in kindness, goodness, and being one human family.

Here are the musical birthday gifts I received from the Universe during my birthday month.

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“Could You Be Love” by Bob Marley

Starting the month with a little Marley was a great way to start November.

“Sucker” by Mo Kenney

I love the opening lyric: “I’m a sucker for your face.” There’s always someone we’re a sucker for. No matter what they do or say and this song conveys what we all feel.

“Give My Everything” by Pitbull

First, I have a guilty pleasure spot for Pitbull (and Flo Rida) and somewhere in the WV mountains this song was exactly what I needed to hear. A reminder that the time is now. “…Don’t care what they say or what games they play…excuse me…and I might drink a little more than I should tonight and I might take you home with me, if I could tonight…”

“Move By Yourself” by Donovan Frankenreiter

“Don’t stop doing what you believe in. Don’t let them put you on a shelf. You’ve got to move by yourself, move by yourself tonight…
But don’t ever be somebody that you’re not. When there’s a choice you’ve got to make. Do what you feel, don’t hesitate…” 
If you don’t take a chance, a step, a jump, a leap, whatever, then you never know what the answer is or what’s on the other side. We get so locked up in what we think we should do, how we should act, what rejection(s) might happen that we forget that sometimes being bold and brazen is what we need to do to make doors open.

“This Could Be the Year” by Ryan Star

     “…This could be the moment…It’s one life. One dream. One spark. It’s one chance. One move. One shot. It’s on you. Be cool. Believe…”

“The Weight of the World” by Editors

I think the Editors summed it up best with this lyric: “…every little piece in your life will mean something to someone…”

“11:59” by Michael Franti & Spearhead

I wrote a post on how this song opened my soul and how much it touched my life. “It’s eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine seconds. If I’m gonna die tonight I want heaven…It was eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine clicks…Some of us just lost faith altogether…No way, they say, it can’t be this way. That’s why so many people stand up and say: One love, one blood, one heart, one soul and one drum and only one rhythm, One tribe and all of us singing…”

“Heart-Shaped Box” by Dead Sara (acoustic Nirvana cover)

This is an absolute beauty of a cover. Simple and heartbreaking.

“Spark” by Stephen Shareaux

I don’t know what it was about this song, but it clicked with me. Maybe it’s because I feel like I am struggling with that writing/creative spark and wasn’t fully aware of it until I heard this song. “Where is the spark that once showed me the way? A fire in the heart left unattended, loses it’s spark…”

“Strong” by London Grammar

I just like Hannah’s voice in this song.