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Happy Birthday Ruth Taylor

Happiest of Birthdays to Ruth Taylor, who turns 94 years awesome this year. My grandmother has always been one of the women in my life that has shaped me into the woman I am now.

She always spoke exactly what was on her mind, didn’t take any crap from anyone, stood up for herself, and lived her life the way she wanted with her husband and 6 kids.

Growing up, she smoked cigarettes and dipped Tube Rose Scotch Snuff, cussed like a sailor, had a wicked and off center sense of humor, and was brazen and bold.

At least that is what she was to me. I admired and looked up to her while I was growing up and I still do look up and admire her.

Alzheimer’s has her locked up in her own mind, but she is still as strong and sassy as every and she still amazes me.

Grandma, I love you and hope this is a kick ass day for you. Happy Birthday!!

Riley with her great Grandpa Taylor and great Grandma Taylor
Taylor with her Paw Paw Ricky and great Grandma Taylor