Exist Loudly

Celebration of Lek 2013

Not only am I celebrating you Mama, it’s also a full moon tonight, which I find very fitting if I do say so myself. Luna and all her might shining down with you on this glorious day. Simply amazing and a sign of the power you still have in my life.

You’ve been gone four years now. It seems like yesterday but it also seems so long ago because I sometimes feel that time has slowed. There are moments when I know you are with me and those are the moments I cherish now. The moments when I am aware of you being right beside me, surrounding me in a Universal hug.

I’m sending you a Universal hug today Mama and one from Nick too. He misses you dearly. Though he lives with me, he will forever be your dog only.

I miss and love you Mama.

I wanted to save the image to the left for Riley and Taylor. Riley posted it on Instagram for my mom’s birthday. Her note reads

“MawMaw Lek, I can’t believe it’s your birthday today. You would have been 65 years old. Still beautiful as ever. I miss you so much. Still living in this house, sleeping in what use to be your room doesn’t help. I wish you could come down here and say hey to me. Give me a hug one last time. I hope you’re having a big birthday party. Celebrating. You deserve some recognition. Well, I don’t want this to be too long. Do me 2 favors. Come say hey in my dreams tonight. And while you’re chilling with them angels, tell Mitch I miss him too. I love you Maw Maw.