Exist Loudly

For Heather

This post is for Heather. She tweeted on Monday she needed “…a something to make me feel better. #sadtweet”

You can see our conversation->

But I wanted to do something more for her than a few tweets and though it wasn’t immediately, I hope this brightens her day now and this might be the something to make her feel better.

It’s a little late Heather, but timing is everything in our friendship. And our timing is nothing normal!

Background on my friendship with Heather :: we ran in the same circle of friends and acquaintances for months, probably years. She interviewed with my assistant, aka Baby Bro Patty-O-Furniture and almost interned/worked for us, but she went across the street to a competitor instead. And I’m glad she did. Not because I didn’t like her, but our friendship would not be what it is now. There’s a reason she was meant to go and work for the competitor: our friendship. One night in The Gin Mill, in the bar we have all fallen in love with and is like blood in our veins, we shared a drink, a shot, a laugh, a song, a concert, a good time, a something…whatever it was, we both were pushed through Dante’s Fourth Circle of Hell and landed in bar stools next to each other as friends. And in 2011, as I planned my trip to Australia, she pinky swore to me she would get the balls to tell her Dad and Mom that she was going and was going to miss her first Christmas with them. Weeks later, we and other friends decided to get snowed in together and she told me she was as all in for Australia. Ten months later on Xanax from the doctor, she was passed out in the window seat next to me and our friend Suzanne. Self proclaimed Boomerang Babes we called ourselves. Creating havoc, merriment, shenanigans, and laughter on another continent. (The Land Down Under may never be the same.)

Heather and I have shared laughter, tears, fights, come to Jesus moments, brutal honesty, shenanigans, and a lot of shots, and I mean A LOT of shots with each other. For every bad moment we have had in our friendship (there haven’t been that many), there have been one million (way underestimated) good moments to stomp it into oblivion (that means the good outshines the bad).

I don’t know what that exact something that Heather needs to not be sad, but here are things I know about her. She probably knows it all, but she might not::

  • She’s damn funny. Any time I need a laugh, she’s got one for me. It’s what I love the most about this girl.
  • She is my co-conspirator of shenanigans and God forbid if it’s just the two us without our other friends around because we are destined for the following: face aches and tears from laughing, a hangover from ‘one more shot’ won’t hurt, muscles that hurt from dancing, hoarse throats from screaming at each other over loud music or people at the bar.
  • She has no inner monologue after a few round of drinks. I wish I had tenth of the tenacity she has in her.
  • She’s fierce and a force to be reckoned with.
  • She’s balls to the walls, but there are times she needs her friends around to get her to take that step and push her to talk to that hot guy, take the crazy adventure around the world, hold her hand when she has a moment of need, or just sit on the couch, drink wine, and watch endless episodes of Strangers in Dangers laughing and crying at the same time. (The latter was one of my favorite times with you Heather.)
  • She’s loyal to her friends and will have your back as long as you don’t screw her over.
  • She’s a dreamer and yet holds herself back from living her life by helping others with theirs. I want you to start living your life HaytherMaree! We will be there helping you instead. We will catch you if you fall, but more importantly, we will be celebrating with you that you are flying high.

Sistah-From-Another-Mistah, go live the life you are destined to live and be the amazing fun loving spirit you are suppose to be. The wake of awesomeness that you will leave behind you will fuel others to be what they thought they could not be. The path may look unchanging but take a moment, a deep breath, and know that with every step forward your world changes to what you want it to be. The Universe will gift you everything you want, just open your heart and receive it. I am truly honored for having your friendship and sisterhood in my life and I’m glad I get to share it with all of our pack members (#PickYourPack). Look in the mirror and see what others see and nothing will stop the force that is Heather.