Soul in Wanderlust

Christmas Memory: Byron Bay 2011

I have a love for Australia. I don’t know where it came from or exactly why it’s that beautiful country, but I want to expatriate myself there (like yesterday).

This is one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Byron Bay, 2011 with Heather and Suzanne.

I’ve been reminiscing with both gals today on our trip two years ago and it made me happy to share these memories with them again and I felt a bit nostalgic for the first time this Holiday season.

I’d give my all to be there again, right now. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there were filled with Universal laughter, magic, beers, fruity cocktail drinks, champagne, crazy Aussies, even crazier Irishmen, sandy beaches and enough sunshine to warm you from your toes up.

That’s what Christmas means to me. Sharing Universal laughter with family, friends, and strangers.