Exist Loudly

This is what 33 Items In Your Closet Looks Like

What is Project 333?

From the Project 333 website: Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.

And I just accepted the challenge.

Me, the Queen of more hockey & band t-shirts, than one human needs, did what?!?!

33 items for 3 months.

While reading up and prepping myself for the Project 333, I grew less and less nervous. I have this closet full of stuff I never wear and the stuff I do wear is worn on weekly basis because I like wearing it and am comfortable in it.

All I needed to do was put everything else on the other side of the closet and close the door until mid March when I’ll revise what I’m wearing for April-June. (I have a sneaky feeling I’ll end up boxing a lot of stuff and donating it.)

I did adjust this a bit. Because of my big girl job, I do have to wear certain logo t-shirt at times, so I did not include those 3 shirts in my 33 because I don’t wear them on a daily basis. They are in the no man’s land side of the closet. Maybe that’s cheating for the hardcore Project 333 folks, but this is what I’m doing.

From the Project 333 website:

Here is what 33 items includes:
Accessories – easy for me, because I don’t wear a lot, if any.
Jewelry – see above
Outerwear * (see note below)
Here is not what is included in the 33:
Wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off – for me it’s 3 rings and 1 necklace from my mom
Underwear, Sleep wear, In-home lounge wear
Workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)

  • NOTE: I included my glasses in the non-33 because I wear them daily and am blind at a distance without them. I also included my winter jacket in the non-33 because it seems to snow every other day in Detroit right now.

Here is my list of my 33 items:

  1. Jeans #1
  2. Jeans #2
  3. Red ankle pants
  4. Maxi skirt in black
  5. Maxi skirt in red
  6. Maxi skirt in blue
  7. Maxi skirt in light gray
  8. Maxi skirt in black/dark gray stripes
  9. Maxin skirt in print (I know what you’re thinking. Do I really need 6 maxi skirts? Of course not, but in January work is enforcing a “no jean” policy at work and I refuse to buy nice dress pants I’ll ruin by carrying promo items out to a vehicle. These are inexpensive clothes for me to wear to work on a daily basis and they can double as a dress as well. Two pieces of clothing for the price of one.)
  10. Long sleeve striped boat neck shirt
  11. Casual blazer in army green
  12. David Bowie tee shirt
  13. Tank top in white
  14. Tank top in black
  15. Tank top in blue
  16. Black button up sweater
  17. Blue button up sweater
  18. Light brown button up sweater
  19. Gray cover up sweater
  20. Bob Marley tee/dress
  21. Gray, black & white sleeveless sweater tunic
  22. Black cap sleeve shirt
  23. New Politics band tee shirt
  24. Purple scarf w/ black stars
  25. Infinity scarf
  26. White men’s short sleeve v-neck t-shirt
  27. Black men’s short sleeve v-neck t-shirt
  28. Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights band tee shirt
  29. Workbag (If you’re thinking, what about an evening/casual bag? I am so not a girly girl and normally keep my ID and card in my pocket and leave everything else in the work bag.)
  30. Black flats
  31. Red Converse
  32. Black military boots
  33. Black knee boots

Easier than I thought, 33 items.

I’m already thinking of switching out one of the band tees (not David Bowie) for something else, but not sure what I want to put in it’s place. I’ll at least give myself to the end of next week to figure out what is needed.

Wish me luck! I’m super excited to start this on Monday!! I’ll give an end of January update and let everyone know how it’s going.