Targets for 2014

I’m not saying goals this year. It’s such a horrible word because if you don’t reach your goal, you feel like a failure. BUT if you miss a target, one can step back, realign and shoot again. See how much weight has been lifted off one’s shoulder already!!

Here are my LUCKY 7 targets for 2014!

  1. Spread more positivity and Universal magic, love, and luck to my family, chosen family, friends, and strangers. Kindness is so easy to do. A smile, holding up the door, or letting someone in front of you in traffic or at the store. That positivity will pay itself forward tenfold. Let’s spread more of that around!
  2. Continue my consciousness awareness. Being aware of my consciousness and asking questions has given me a whole new aspect of life. For example my two favorites I am constantly asking are: Who does this feeling belong to? If it is not mine, I return to sender with consciousness attached. How does it get any better than this instead of claiming it doesn’t get any better than this. Reading “Being You Changing the World” by Dain Heer propelled me into this way of thinking in 2012. You can read my initial inspiration in my post “Just Me”. It added a much needed light to my life.
  3. Travel more. Alone or with friends, I don’t care as long as I’m traveling. One place I haven’t been to since 2011 is Key West and I’m going this year.
  4. Debt free. It seems like this is a constant battle for me, but this year, I am ninja kicking it in the face.
  5. Continually remove negative, sad, whoa-is-me, angry, bad attitudes, passive aggressive types, and so on energies from my life, social media, etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I don’t have time for that anyway. There is too much amazement and beauty in this world to think it sucks. As the Eleventh Doctor says in Doctor Who, “The good things in life don’t always make up for the bad, but the bad doesn’t always spoil the good.” What good are you missing because you are only seeing the bad?
  6. Finish writing, revise & edit The Sound of Madness. After that, submit to agents, hope, pray, ask for the Universe to publish it. Believe it will be published. (And if all the before mention fails, then self publish.)

01. Australia!!!! Working toward this goal will make me so very happy and when I sacrifice something for this goal, it will be a reminder of what I accomplished in 2011 to get there and what I will have accomplished by getting there again this year.

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