Random Acts of Kindness

My friend Amy is turning 40 years awesome this year and she is doing 40 Random Acts of Kindness in the months leading up to that awesome day (more at 40RAOKProject.blogspot.com) and I had quietly set that as a target for myself in 2014 and started it on NYE when I had funds left over on a gift card. I had just purchased a pizza for myself and when the cashier handed it back to me, I told him to keep it and buy the next person that walks in a pizza. He looked at me funny, shocked, yet happy and said he would. I told him to pay it forward and to have a happy New Year.

As I drove home, I thought, it might not seem much to many to buy someone a pizza but someone somewhere was wondering if they should spend their last few dollars on food for themselves/family or fuel for their car to get to work/home. That night, if they walked in, they didn’t have to chose and maybe that random act of kindness I did, will inspire him/her to do one of their own when they could afford to.

So after reading Amy’s post, I sent her a message and said I would join her on her journey. Instead of 40, I want to do 52. One for each week of the year. For me, it started with buying a pizza for someone on NYE. I don’t have a set list like Amy does, but since I wanted to spread more positivity and Universal love, luck, and magic joining Amy is just what is needed to stay motivated.

Besides, it’s a small way to say Happy Birthday all year long to one of the strongest women I know. A very small way to say thank you for being a wonderful and inspiring friend (even if I insanely agreed to run a half marathon with you in 2013).