Exist Loudly

Test On My Patience

There are days that test your patience. The days that make you want to take out the frustrations on others, yourself, or both!

I had one of those.

And as frustrated as I got, I realized that my frustration weren’t really mine. I did everything right. I did my job and I helped out and that the end result was putting out a forest fire with a solo fire extinguisher. Yeah, I was aggravated a few times but it was at the action of others. We are humans and mistakes happen and that it is uncontrollable.

The frustration I was feeling was from someone or several someones who have to be in constant control and feel like they are always needed. They have to be the one that is to the rescue and the one that is hey look at me, look what I did, look how amazing I am, I did this all by myself.

And this person/persons wasn’t any of the above.

What I do is often thankless. It’s the nature of the beast but I make sure that those that are with me know I am thankful for them each day. I saw thank you each day. Two small words that mean a lot to some. I can at least be the better person/persons and say thank you, I could not have done this/this day without you.

To those that say thank you in the words of thank you, a pat on the back, a small gift, etc, know that those actions big or small do not go unnoticed by the recipient or those that know you.

Your simple action can make or break someone’s spirit and soul.

So thank you to those that I share each and every day with in life, social media, and in spirit. I am grateful for you and for the lessons in life you give me. Right or wrong. Good or bad.