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Can I Call Myself a Writer?

As I see the finish line in the current WIP in the distance, I started contemplating on if I could truly call myself a writer even if I am currently not getting paid to do so.

If I honestly respond to to the 8 statements to the left, then the answer is YES.

But do I call myself a writer?

I am not a published author by any means. I don’t count the several poems published in various anthologies in my teen years as being published because I think they accepted everyone that submitted.
But I am a writer.

I have written six novels: 3 in my high school days that will never see the light of day, 1 in my twenties, and 2 in the last few years.

As I take my journey with novel 7, Lucky Seven as I’m calling it, I finally feel that I have found my voice as a writer and I am finally confident in my writing. I’m not ashamed to write what I want to write and I think as a teen and in my 20s, that kept me from writing because I was so worried what others would think.
Now, I don’t care. I like what I’m writing and I don’t think I liked it as much before.
It’s been liberating to write without the preconceived notions of my imagination. To write something I would pick up from a store shelf and read. This current WIP has shown me my path and it’s illuminated and brilliant.I proudly call myself a writer.

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