Exist Loudly


This email from one of the partners I work with made my day.

I really enjoy working with this group. They work hard and just get it. They are so easy to work with and are accommodating for the simplest, hardest, and most insane needs/request/last minute crap moments.

As my duties in my big girl job do include event planning, I try to make sure I am not in their way when they’re doing an event with us or when we’re doing an event with them.

And since I like to be detailed (sometimes overly), this email of being appreciated by someone from this group who don’t have to appreciate it or not, means the world to me.

It’s good to know that you did a great job in the eyes of someone you enjoy working with, especially, when you feel like a thorn in their side with so many questions, requests, and last minute oh shit moments.

*email was altered to remove business related content & information 

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