Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: February 2014

I don’t have a lot of love February due to the snow, but I took a much needed road trip down to NC to reset and warm my soul and the first 6 songs reflect that as they were gifted to me during the road trip.
February definitely ended on a high note. Parts of my past reentered my life in various and unexpected ways and as I reflect on what gifts they brought to my life, I realized it was because our paths were destined to cross at the very moment in time. I was suppose to be there to help, to be there for, to remind one self to be who they truly are meant to be, and more importantly to be a friend who would not judge.
February was about acceptance, strength, and courage.
I am blessed to know so many amazing, beautiful, and strong souls. I may not be rich in monetary means, but I am so rich with friends and family and I would not trade them for any amount of money. Their love and support overwhelms me and I am happy to love and support them in return.
“Not Broken” by Mercy Fall
I loved Mercy Fall’s debut album For the Taken and really just love the lyrics to this song. “We are lost, not broken, lost not broken down.”
“Let Me Be” by Xavier Rudd
This song by Xavier just makes me happy. “Let me be now…I want to be free, free to see…Let me be free…”
This song popped up on my iPod while on shuffle while on a road trip to NC and just reminded me how much I dig this band.
This song is such a great road trip song and possibly my favorite AFI song. I love the lyrics “This night has only just begun. if there’s discretion that you not abandon, now’s the time. We’ll burn past the morning sun. Go grab your bag, I’ll bring the gun…”
“All You Do is Talk” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Somewhere in Ohio or West Virginia this song just connected with me with the lyrics: “Help yourself don’t say a thing…you’re luck words don’t bleed…”
“Not Like the Other Girls” by The Rasmus
Another Finnish band (HIM hails from Finland as well) that writes great lyrics. Somewhere in the early morning darkness, I again connected with lyrics. “All the love that you will put out will be returned to you…she lives in the clouds. She talks to the birds. Hopeless little one she’s not like the other girls…”
This was my theme song for a particular day in February. I wrote about it here on my post of the same name. “Why are you testing my patience, I was feeling part of the scenery…You can say what you want, what you will…too far from perfect to spend my life trying…”
“Bringing Down the Giant” by Saving Abel
I love seeing this band live and this song live is grabs you by the balls, we own you good. This month, this song was a reminder to me to not stop fighting for what I want and these lyrics became my power: “I hit the wall. I got back up and dusted off. I’m past the pain and I’m taking back all that I lost. I’m going to kick you off the throne…your glory days are gone, yeah I’m bringing down the giant. I won’t sit here and be silent…Your karma’s coming back here to find you this could get a little violent…”
“Seasons” by Burlap to Cashmere
A reminder that just as the lyrics go “seasons come and go” and life is just the same way. Things come and go and if you realize this, sometimes you see you are right where you’re suppose to be for the moment.“Keep Your Head Up” by Ben Howard
This song sort of became my motto for February. A reminder to just breath and to keep my head up.