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REVIEW: Beck – Morning Phase


I am a fair weather Beck fan. I neither absolutely love or absolutely hate Beck. I don’t rush out to buy or listen to his music. I think with every album Beck has released, I’ve been in love with another style of music.

In other words, Beck’s music and I have never had the right musical timing.

Until now.

When I first heard the lead track, “Blue Moon” on the radio (yes, you read that right, on radio), it was during my commute on a snowy and cold day in Detroit and it just clicked with me and made me countdown the days until the album came out this last week. A rarity for my relationship with the music of Beck.

Morning Phase was released on Tuesday, February 25th and I spent some quality time with it and overall, I dig it.

It’s a quiet and peaceful album with touches of elegance and heartache. The songs feel as if they are a peak inside of his diary and most hidden thoughts. You can lay in a hammock and daydream the day away with this album. Thoughtful, honest, and touching…one leaves the album spinning on the record player without noticing the needle is now just playing to an empty groove.

Hardcore Beck fans will love this album.
Fans of more traditional singer/songwriters will be surprised to find themselves liking this album.
People who never followed Beck after “Where It’s At?” still won’t like anything else.

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