The Sound of Madness

Beta Readers Wanted for The Sound of Madness

As I soon start draft 2 of The Sound of Madness, I am reaching to friends, family, and strangers on the ol’ interwebs to be beta readers.

What’s a beta reader?

A beta reader is this:
A reader who will read your work that looks for typos, grammatical errors, continuity issues, critiquing/commenting on plot, plot issues, characterizations, what could use improving, etc.

Basically, I need a fresh pair of eyes to look at what I’ve written. I know the characters, the plot, and the ending.

We’ve spent quality time together and are comfortable with each other. What I need is another person’s view of my relationship with the novel.

If you’re interested in being a beta reader, please shoot an email to [shelia at sheliataylor dot com] with the subject line as Beta Reader.

I’ll respond and send you a link to the first draft for you to read.

All I ask is that you read the first draft in two weeks and then answer a series of questions for me.