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NEW TRACK: “An Anthem for the Broken”

We here at 16 Clefs, love Matthew Ryan. He could sing the McDonald’s Big Mac song and we’d love it. He is a prolific songwriter and artist who’s haunting lyrics match the intense and profound passion in his voice.

Later in 2014, he will be gracing us with his new album, but in the meantime he’s released the song “An Anthem for the Broken” early to help a friend who is entering the last stage of his fight with ALS.

Matthew tells his full story here and what the song and his friend, John, means to him.

As it states on the bandcamp page for A Single To Benefit John Anderson:  The song only costs a dollar with the option to contribute more. Please contribute more if you can. All money raised here goes directly to John and Amanda minus the small distribution fee that Bandcamp charges.

Readers, it’s $1 and goes to a wonderful cause. We hope you can spare that expensive coffee or that snack from the vending machine for the day, maybe even the week, and donate it to A Single To Benefit John Anderson.

As Matthew sings, “An anthem for the ones that hurt…who held their kids when they were scared…who found their way to here from there…We won’t quit…”

If John has not quit in battling ALS, then we won’t quit fighting with him or for him.

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