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REVIEW: I’m a Fire by David Nail

David Nail: I'm A FireFirst, I want to say that David Nail needs to to smile a little more. In most of the press photos I’ve seen, he’s not smiling. He’s not a bad looking dude and a smile could make him about 75% hotter. Now that I got that off of my chest, I will say “I’m a Fire” is a solid third album.

Of the 11 songs, I like 5 of them. That’s about 46% of the album right there! (I found myself skipping the less liked tracks.) The 6 songs that I wasn’t a fan of just didn’t click with me on a musical or lyrical level. They didn’t necessarily suck, they just didn’t click. The songs that made the cut were: “Whatever She’s Got,” “Burnin’ Bed,” “Kiss You Tonight,” “The Secret,” and “I’m a Fire.”

The first track “Whatever She’s Got” is infectious and catchy and a smash hit on country radio. I find myself turning up the radio and singing along to it. It’s just that good. (Video below)

While listening to the album I found that to me, David’s voice has hints of that Dwight Yokam twang and emotional ache of a young Garth Brooks. I did find that the female back up vocals on the songs were a distraction and didn’t compliment David’s vocals at all. I think they could have done without them because they are just too twangy.

“I’m a Fire” was co-written by Jaren Johnston of Cadillac Three fame (alternative rockers will know Jaren from American Bang, The Cadillac Black). It’s a catchy little ditty.

“Burnin’ Bed” a sexy confession of lovers is by far in my humble opinion the best track off the album.


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