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NEW DEMO: “Bins” from [26]

Have you ever heard something in a song and wonder how that certain sound was made? Perhaps you thought it was an actually snare drum, but the you find out it’s really an aluminum trash can (or tin bin in Australia).

Check out “Bins” by [26] below and see the process of how the song was put together. It’s a fascinating look at how an ordinary and every day object can be turned into a beautiful piece of music and proves that you don’t necessarily need a righteously expensive drum kit.

From You Tube: “Bins” is a demo track intended for the 4th studio album of Australian band [26]. All the “drums” on the track are made by hitting a tin bin to create a kick, snare, hi hat & brushes scrape type sounds. With our drummer now living in London, England and me originally being a drummer (now without a kit) it was the only way I could get the song idea out in a hurry but I liked it so much I kept it. Nick [26]

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