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REVIEW: “Life Imitating Life” by Augustana

I remember seeing Augustana opening for Stereophonics in Atlanta, GA right before their first album came out and I fell for their sound and have followed the band along their musical journey since then. I was saddened when I learned they had broke up and happy to hear that frontman Daniel Layus decided to make music as Augustana again.

I spent the morning listening to Augustana’s new album “Life Imitating Life” and as much as I have a spot in my heart for this band, I am not in love with his album. While it blared through my headphones, it essentially ended up as background noise in my ears. Not one track caught my ear and made me stop what I was doing. Layus has said “Life Imitating Life” was a journey of self-reflection.

Sadly, this album will not be making it to any of my Top 10 Lists.

You can listen to “Life Imitating Life” right now at Babelmusic before it is released on April 22nd via Washington Square.

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