Closer to the Edge

The Voice That Speaks Inside

One of my mentor’s in my career and a friend, Jack Daniel, once said to me: “It’s the quality of life that will matter, not the quantity or the career.” His message has stuck with me since then. I hear it quietly in my head over and over.

In the words of Gareth Asher, “Gotta get going, gotta get on the road…I’m my packing bags and I’m packing my bowl…I’m gonna live and I’m gonna die, I’m gonna hold my head up high…Life is sweet and we’re short on time. I will try to keep my friends in mind ‘cuz I hope that I find heaven someday, but I’m not worried about it…”

I’m taking a giant step and I know it’s the right step. Right now, more than anything, I want to be with my nieces and watch them grow. I want to meet all of my closest friends’ children before they start kindergarten. I want to be able to sit with friends in the hospital while their loved ones fight for their life. I want to be able to see my own family more than two-three times a year. I want to be able to celebrate the moments in life with the ones that mean the most for me.

It’s time to listen to the voice that speaks inside.

I’m heading home, to the South, where the weather sticks to your skin, the tea is sweet, they say ya’ll, smile as they pass you on the street, and if it snows, there’s a snow day. The car is packed and tomorrow I hit the road.

I’m coming home.