Music for the Soul

SONGS OF MY LIFE: April 2014

 “Papillion” by Editors
This is probably one of my favorite Editors song. I just love the lyrics: “Darling, just don’t put down your guns yet, if there really was a God here, he’d have raised a hand by now.”

“Hey I Don’t Know” by Kongos
April was the discovery of new music and I fell for this band. I love the drums and bass in this song. Their album is amaze-balls and everyone should own it. This is my favorite song from their album.

“Changes” David Bowie
When I added this song to my playlist at the beginning of April it was because it was motivating me to make personal changes in my life like diet, health and fitness. Little did I know how it would be the theme to all of April: CHANGES all around. Expected and unexpected.

“Follow the Sun” by Xavier Rudd
This song was there for me on a spiritual level this month. “Set your intentions. Dream with care. Tomorrow is a new day for everyone, Brand new moon, brand new sun…breathe in the air, cherish this moment, cherish this breath. When you feel life coming down on you, like a heavy weight. When you feel this crazy society, adding to the strain. Take a stroll to the nearest waters edge remember your place…So which way is the wind blowin’, and what does your heart say?

“The Ghosts of California” by Fort Frances
I don’t know what it is about this song, but always brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. When they released the song 3 years ago, it was about about a year (give or take) after my mom passed away and I guess the power of the lyrics just stuck with me even after all this time: “It’s a good year for leaving…Tell me, what it takes to remember. Tell me, what it takes to find our way. Seven years running, trying to find the ocean. Now we’re standing on the shore without a word to say…”

“Sister” by Linus Young
I was seriously blown away when I heard the vocals from this duo based out of California. Holy smoke! Their voices are a perfect compliment to each other and the music. I cannot wait to hear their full length album. I love the line “Hey my sister, play me something good for my soul. Oh my brother, play me something that never gets old. I’ve got this little feeling I want to hide…”

“I’m Not Worried About It” by Gareth Asher
Life has a very funny way of working out and I think when people stress about life, they should listen to this song. It is the perfect mantra and became mine at the end of the month.