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REVIEW: “Slummer Time” EP by 8 Bit Love

a1077803819_2 SLUMMER TIME
 slum•mer time [slûm’ər tīm]
1. Bummer of a Summer time
2. EP by dance punk trio 8 Bit Love

The fun loving Aussies, 8 Bit Love, have won a place in our musical hearts with their anything goes music. They have no fear of being silly, fun, punk, rocking, all the while ninja kicking you in the face with their talent.

They just released their EP, “Slummer Time” via Hive Minds and the 6 song EP is infectious, dancey fun, and if you’re not a sweaty hot mess after listening to this EP, we’re gonna say you didn’t truly listen to the EP.

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 Here’s our opinion of each track:

 “TR8RZ LUV UR H8RZ” (for those who need help in translating: Traitors Love Your Haters)
Brilliant title we must say. It’s like sitting behind that car in traffic and trying to figure out the license plate (that’s at least what we do in the States). This song is upbeat and fun. It was definitely a very smart way to kick off the EP.

This is the lead single off the EP and the song that caught our ear and turned us onto 8 Bit Love.

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We are instantly swept back to the punk sound of 80’s while listening to this song and since we dig the 80’s, we dig this song.

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This song might be my favorite. It’s just a simple rocking punk song. Fun. Period.

The most “down tempo” song on the EP and we use the phrase “down tempo” loosely because this song is still a song you can shake your booty too, but maybe at a slower place. It’s the time in the EP where you can catch your breath or grab a quick drink. It’s refreshingly low key yet you can’t help but move to it.

There is something about this song I find light and airy. Perhaps it’s the chorus, but to be honest, I’m not quite sure. Not that rest of the EP is “heavy” but this song is just breezy.

Overall, we give the EP two thumbs up and would recommend it to all of our friends.

Give it a listen below and don’t forget to support the band if you dig it, by buying it on Bandcamp

Catch 8 Bit Love and their SLUMMER TIME TOUR on the following dates:

May 15 — Ric’s Bar, Brisbane w/ YELLOWCATREDCAT + Little Aztec
May 16 — World Bar, Sydney w/ Tropical Zombie, East of Ely + Wasters
May 17 — Transit Bar, Canberra w/ Royal Chant + Bruges
May 18 — House Party, Sydney
May 22 — Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide w/ The Rocketeers + Moonfaker
May 23 — House Party, Perth
May 24 — The Bird, Perth w/ Apache + Electric Toad
June 6 — The Evelyn, Melbourne w/ Whipped Cream Chargers, Darts + The Beegles

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