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Happy Birthday to Lek

I should be asleep, but my brain won’t shut off and I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!
It’s almost one and will be past one by the time this posts. I know, I should be asleep, I have work in the morning.
I know you’re watching over me right now, slightly shaking your head. I’ll just have to be tired tomorrow. It’ll be worth it.
You would have been 66 years young today. Can you believe that?!? I know I can’t.
In celebration of you today, I’ll take moments to appreciate all that life brings me today and watch a Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, or Charles Bronson movie in your honor. I’d go get pizza from Pizza Hut but I’m trying not to be a fat kid!
I love you Mama and miss you but I know that though heaven and earth may separate us you are right over my shoulder. I just have to look and catch you in the right light of the sun. Happy Birthday! Party hard for me in the heavens.