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photo courtesy of Hive Minds

This week’s eargasm comes courtesy of Aussie duo, Kakariko. We’ve written about Kakariko before and have been waiting for their EP “Speed” to be released.

Well the music gods have granted us this gift from Down Under and Jess and Simon do not disappoint.

As we have said before Kakariko is 80’s synth fun with parts of Depeche Mode and The Cure thrown in. Put all of that into a cocktail shaker and you’ve got the 4 tracks that make up “Speed”.

“alltimepartytimedrugsindahouse” is an infectious and dancey tune and is perfect for setting the mood of the EP. The catchy hook becomes an instant earworm.

The lead track off the EP, “Aeroplane” could have been the long lost track of any Depeche Mode/Cure song. One is instantly swept back into the 80’s on a gentle wave of intoxicating vocals from Simon and body moving music.

“Starts” is a “down tempo” song and we put down tempo in parenthesis because this song is the slowest track on the EP. Just calm and long enough for you to catch breathe, grab a drink, but still find yourself swaying to the beat of the music.

“New Housemate Search” is our favorite track on the EP and we love the single set of lyrics “Guts of screaming, lots of feeling, drugs I’m dealing, hope I’m stealing” used through out the song. This song needs to be turned to eleven and is the perfect way to shake the work week funk off of you and get you in the mood for the weekend.

Add “Speed” to your musical collection today, you will not regret it.

Kakariko: Bandcamp (Buy the EP) | Facebook | Soundcloud