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LISTEN: “Nightmare” by The Ones You Loved

courtesy of The One You Loved

courtesy of The One You Loved

Dallas based, The Ones You Loved, formed in 2012 with Tyler De Larm on vocals and the Mrs. (his wife), Camille De Larm and their best friend Karen Malouf. Recently, TOYL has recruited their friend, Alec, as honorary band mate and “Autism Ambassador”.

Lend an ear to their highly infectious and damn catchy song “Nightmare” from their forth coming album Relativity.

If you aren’t transported back into a time where synth pop and robotic auto tune was awesomely cool, then we might think you’re a bit on the daft side. (We kid on the daft, but if you don’t want to put on neon then you obviously don’t know the awesomeness of the 80’s…and no being born in the 80’s doesn’t count as awesome.)

The Ones You Loved: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

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