On Writing

Another Dose of Rejection

Rejection letter two on THE SOUND OF MADNESS.

It’s funny when I receive a reply from an agent, I automatically think, well there’s another rejection letter.

Lloyd Dobler in SAY ANYTHING said it best “If you start out depressed everything’s kind of a pleasant surprise.”

If I don’t get my hopes up, I’m not crushed when it’s an agent that says no.

Now as a positive thinking person, this goes against everything in my being to just assume it’s a rejection letter because I don’t want to put that “negative” energy out there in the Universe. The writer in me though holds steadfast to that belief of “If you assume it’s a rejection letter, it will be a pleasant surprise if it’s an actual yes.”

After my first few rejection letters prior to this round of queries, I just knew everything after was going to be nothing but more rejection letters. I turned that pleasant surprise into it will be a no. Guess what, 40 plus rejection letter later, I was right.

After my first two rejection letters on THE SOUND OF MADNESS, I know there will be a yes. I believe in this project. I have faith in this project.

The great news for me is that the urge to write another novel came back and I have started another project. I’ll continue to query and I’ll continue to write.

With each rejection my commitment to my writing grows stronger.