No Gym Membership Required

Didn’t like this 30lb heavier version of me

I’ve been feeling whoa-is-me for the last few months. If you follow this blog or me on Twitter you might be aware that I’ve lost weight over the last year and half or so.

Now that I’m back in the South, I’ve put on about 5 to 10lbs in the last two months. I have no one to blame but me. I didn’t immediately take the time to set a routine for myself and to be honest, I got down right lazy.

A friend asked me a few weeks ago, what motivated me to initially drop the pounds and it was I didn’t like the girl I saw in the mirror so I decided to make a change. I went from a size 12/10 to now a 6/4. I watched what I ate and I put in the hours working out.

Then one Sunday, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the 30lb heavier version of me staring back at me. I’m not anywhere near my former size but that’s all iI saw in the mirror. I will always see that version of me in the mirror. No matter how much I lose.

Photo of me on June 28, 2014

But it motivated me to get my life back on track and working out. I will never be “thin” and I will never have that runner thin body and I’m 100% okay with that because I’d look like a skeleton. Besides, I’m not built that way. I’ve always been proud of my legs and I’ve always wanted them to look like Tina Turner’s and I still strive for that because that bitch looks good in a short dress and heels.

I started running again. Let it be known to all, I hate running.


Yes, hate is a strong word but that’s how I feel and that is how I especially feel about running.

Yes, I also know that there are a billion other options out there, but there’s a reason I will go to running first.

Minus the shoes, it requires no gym membership. It’s a FREE cardio work out and the bonus is I get sunshine, Mother Nature, and the great outdoors.

So I’m back to pounding the pavement. A minimum of 2 miles a run at least three days a week. I also must point out this is not leading to any desire to 1) Run a half marathon or 2) Run a full marathon. I’ve checked running a half marathon off my bucket list and running a full one was never on it.

I just want to keep the 30lbs off and not have to pay for a gym membership.

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