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I Know Where the Sidewalk Begins


Key West, August 2014

If eternity is measured by memories treasured in the hearts of loved cities and friends…Then Shel surely knows that he lives as he goes to the The Place Where The Sidewalk Ends. – Sullins Stuart

This piece of concrete etched with those words lays outside of one of my favorite churches: St Paul’s Episcopal Church. I’ve never been in the church. I just stand outside and admire the beauty of it whenever I’m in Key West. It’s stark white against an often cloudless blue sky. The trees outside hold delicate red and orange flowers on it’s limbs. With all of that beauty, the spirituality of the Universe can be felt while standing in front of it.

I have many pictures of that church. The photo above, is my first.

I took the photo because of the words: “If eternity is measured by memories treasured in the hearts of loved cities and friends…”

Those words swung into my heart like a wrecking ball.

There I stood in a city I loved with friends. There I stood in a city I loved with memories I treasured of that city. There I stood in the city I loved with the spirits of those I have lost, those who guide me, and those who protect me. There I stood in a city I loved with my life standing before me.

A brief thought of “how apropos that if my life should end then it should be where I stand at this very moment”.

I took in the spirituality of the Universe and the power of the words and it began to awaken the oncoming storm inside me. Not one of darkness, but one of positive Universal light and love.

I just didn’t know it had awakened my soul at that very moment.

I try to make a journey to Key West every year. I go there to disconnect from the mainland. I go there to regain a sense of self and I go there to reset myself, my soul, and my spirit.

I needed this trip more than anything this year, but I didn’t expect the soul awakening I felt and am currently still reeling from and feeling. I sure as hell did not anticipate the ripple effect of it all that’s for sure.

It has lit a fire inside me that I thought had turned into a tiny fading ember.

It has truly changed my life and I see my life standing before me.

For once I truly know where the sidewalk begins and I know the destiny of my life. Though I have always known where my sidewalk will end, I now know how to get there. I know the sacrifices that I must take, the hell I must endure, the bullshit I will put up with, the smiles that will turn to wrinkles, but mostly, I know that all the before will be worth each step on the sidewalk.

I have finally figured out how to follow my songline and it is a beautiful journey.