Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: August 2014

What can I say about August? Bitter, sweet, fierce, fiery, heavy, light…Mostly, I’m glad it’s coming to an end and that the Chapter of September is beginning. I had soul awakening as I wrote in my previous post and that could not have come at the moment appropriate and much needed moment. Though I wish it had come sooner in the month, I know it came to me when it was time and not a moment too soon.

So without further ado, I give you the Songs of August. These songs were my traveling companions this month and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

“I Like You” by Saint Hughs featuring Holly Borich
Sometimes when you dig a band’s music you wonder well how in the hell are they going to top their last ep/album/song? I love, love, love Saint Hughs’ EP-1. I’m also a bit biased when it comes to this band because I like their other band [26]. When Drew & Nick said they were releasing a new track, I patiently waited and like Dr. Frank-n-Furter said in Rocky Horror Picture Show, “shiver with antici…pation.” Did they top EP-1? You bet your sweet bippy they did! “I Like You” is a catchy, infectious, hip shaking, head rocking track and it was a perfect song to start August off with and it accompanied me all of August.

“Los” by Rammstein
This might be one of my favorite Rammstein songs. I love how the acoustic guitars and simple drums compliment the fierceness in Til’s voice in the song. “Los” translated to English means “Less”. I have always connected with this song and this month I just felt like this song spoke to me, especially with the following lyrics:
“We aren’t flawless. Just a bit anchorless.”

“Hurricane” by MS MR
There’s something about listening to this song as you stare out the window into the night.
“Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. So dark and foul I can’t disguise…Nights like this I become afraid of the darkness in my heart…”

“Bow Down” by Xavier Rudd
March and May have been the only two months that didn’t include a song from Xavier Rudd in Songs of My Life this year. Those of religion can listen to gospel music and feel a connection to God. I listen to Xavier Rudd and feel a connection to the Universe. I know the exact moment this song connected me to the Universe. I was on I-77 driving back to Columbia and the swell inside my heart had me raising my hand and singing along to the sun that hung in the sky and appreciating the beauty around me at that moment.
“And I know we will have busy lives but sing along if you have the time…Bow Down to your God but don’t forget about the earth. Place your hand on a tree, who’s helping your breath. Give thanks to the sun when you open your lungs…”

“Barefoot Children” by Jimmy Buffett
While in Margaritaville Key West, I bought a bracelet that reads “wrinkles only go where the smiles have been” from this song and it is a reminder to appreciate life and remember what it feels like to be that little girl that liked (and still likes) to be barefoot in the rain.
“Barefoot children in the rain. Got no need to explain…Take me back to days full of monkeyshines. Bouncin’ on a bubble full of trouble in the summer sun…Fiction over fact always has my vote and wrinkles only go where the smiles have been…”