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REVIEW: “The Devil Lived” by Mkaio

courtesy of Mkaio

courtesy of Mkaio

Growing up, I was never a fan of “electronica” type music. When I was a bit older, I went through a drum/bass phase for a few months and pretty much outgrew that like a pair of shoes.

Now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I have found an appreciation for some of ethereal sounds of “electronica” because it seems to connect the listener to the music, the beats, and the Universe…or it at least connects me that way.

From Hawaii, check out Mkaio.

Self-proclaimed, bedroom producer, Mkaio reached out and asked us to listen to his album THE DEVIL LIVED, available on iTunes, and boy am I glad he did. Mkaio says THE DEVIL LIVED is an atheist artist’s modern electronic re-imaging of The Garden of Eden tale. He continues to explain that the 4 track THE DEVIL LIVED chronicles: creation, conjunction, expulsion, and revelation of a new love in a new world.

The Devil Lived

The Devil Lived

Let the enlightenment begin…

On my first listen, I went in with no background on the music or the artist as I try to do. On the next listen I went in armed with knowledge of above and the EP is just as Mkaio says: creation, conjunction, expulsion, and revelation.

It is beautifully done through the 4 tracks. With the first track, “In the Garden” you hear and feel the creation of the world in the music. It would be the music that would be playing in a movie showing the Universe being created. “With Me” does join what is the beginning to that of human creation to the already existing spirituality of the the angels and sends us straight to the expulsion of humans and fallen angels in the track “Showing Us All.” “The Way Down” comforts the loss of home and being exposed by showing us the beauty of a new love in a world that is new and familiar yet not so.

I think you’ll dig THE DEVIL INSIDE. Give it a listen below or purchase it on Bandcamp

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