Exist Loudly

If You Can’t Stop Thinking About It, Don’t Stop Working For It.

This quote could not hold better advice for any dreamer out there.

Such a simple statement, but so much truth in 12 words.

First, I have to thank Karen Peace (follow her on Twitter or Facebook) for posting this on her Instagram because it just strengthened my belief and motivation that the goals I set for myself in 8 months are right.

Not that I have/had a doubt they were the wrong goals, but had the fleeting thought of “are you just obsessing like Scorpios have a tendency to do” moment.

A negative trait of Scoprios is obsession. I have learned to ask myself is this a passion or is this an obsession.

My goal: Is a passion. A life choice. A dream.

For a moment I faltered on believing it was a passion. JUST FOR A MOMENT and it was a moment of weakness and that self doubt one always get or have.

Something happened…life probably…and it kicked me in my imaginary nuts and said “Oy, stop being a goddamn knucklehead and actually fucking do it.” It’s probably said that to me before but I wasn’t listening. This time, I was listening. I’m working for it. 8 months…

Thank you Karen and The Universe for igniting a fire inside.