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5 QUESTIONS with Bruno Merz

Photo credit: Jono Rotman

Photo credit: Jono Rotman

5 Questions with Bruno Merz.

Guilty pleasure song:
I love “We are the People” by Empire of the Sun but I don’t know if that’s a guilty pleasure. It would be funny if I said Bruno Mars right? I’m going to say Abba is a guilty pleasure.

Guilty pleasure television show:
This is embarrassing and it’s so terrible but it’s fun to watch and it’s brainless fun and glossy, but it’s REVENGE

Favorite John Cusack film:

Your last meal would be:
I think I’d have…sorry vegetarians, but I’d probably have roast chicken with sweet potato wedges with some garlic mayonnaise or something.

Do aliens exist:
The whole idea of how huge the Universe is just so incredible. We are surrounded by billions and billions of other galaxies out there and I’m convinced that there has to be other life out there.

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