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Grateful – Day 5

#1 – I am grateful for Geico’s Roadside Service. It was a lifesaver at 9 am in the morning when your neighbors are already at work and your roommate is vacationing. I was able to have my car jumped so I could get to an auto store for a new battery that I should have had installed in April.

#2 – Omar at O’Rielly’s Auto Parts. Not only did he have to install a battery in the rain, he did it with a smile. That lifted my spirits in what could have been a craptastic day by having a dead battery and being late for work.

#3 – Connecting people together. I have a friend who is out in Colorado for a little R&R and she was heading to a concert and I was able to connect her with her to someone I know out there. It’s something that most people wouldn’t have felt grateful for but both people hold a special spot in my Australia loving heart. One kept me excited about Australia with her travel tales to there and one traveled with me to Australia. I have been to hockey games and drank at my favorite bar with these two friends and it was great to connect them.

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