Exist Loudly

Grateful – Day 6

#1 Headache free, well sort of. I know that’s an odd thing to be grateful for but I have lived with headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. I’ve taken every pill dedicated to helping headaches. I’ve even been prescribed anti-depressants for my migraines. Nothing has worked and quite frankly, I gave up shoveling money for prescription after prescription that failed to work. I normally wake up with a slight headache. Nothing too strong or painful. Just a dull ache somewhere in my skull. Today was the first day in weeks where I felt sort of headache free even though  I wasn’t. I just didn’t notice it and that was kind of refreshing and very grateful for it.

#2 Hats. Thank goodness for great hates on bad hair days, rainy days, and days you don’t want to do your hair.

#3 My mental zen. I’m grateful for what I have learned in asking who does this thought, feeling, mood, belong to and that I can surround myself in a positive Universal white light and protect myself from the negative energies and bodies of the world.

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