Exist Loudly

Grateful – Day 7

#1 Coffee – plain. No cream. No sugar. I use to load it full of sugar and cream but one day I just stopped putting all the extra crap in it. I’m not cranky without it. I’m not better with it. Sometimes, it’s just a treat to have and sometimes it is a start to a beautiful morning.

#2 Snooze button – sometimes that extra 8 minutes is just what the body ordered. Today, I’m grateful for that extra time to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling to visualize my dream/target.

#3 Friends who like music. Thanks to @xPeacex (Twitter handle for those that don’t recognize what that means), I discovered a regional band from Durham, NC. I know you might be reading this and thinking well you live in the area, duh. Well Karen does not. She lives in AUS and turned me onto a band in my back yard. That’s pretty pretty bad ass I think and I’m grateful for people in my life that love music and share it.

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