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Grateful – Day 9

Day 9 is all about the greatness of Sundays.

#1 Lazy Sundays – I know most people dread Sundays because that means the weekend is over and the work week starts in 24 hours, but I love Sundays especially lazy Sundays where I don’t have to put pants on (read Grateful – Day 8 regarding my feelings towards pants).

#2 Chinese Sundays – it’s sort of become a monthly habit with the housemate to have Chinese on Sundays aka lazy Sundays. It becomes our lunch/dinner for the day and there’s usually enough for lunch/dinner on Monday which allows me to sleep in a little on Mondays.

#3 The Strain – I loved reading THE STRAIN trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan and it has been completely satisfying as a fan of the novels to see it on the small screen each week. It’s creative, fun, edge of the seat watching television. I’ve had nightmares about the vampires. I’ve sat on the edge of my seat with my stomach in knots watching it. There has only been one episode where I was like meh, but for the most part, I have a date on Sunday nights with The Strain at 10 pm. I’m really bummed that tonight’s episode is the season finale but I know it will go out with a bang.

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