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LISTEN: “Return To” by #1 Dads featuring Tom Snowdon

#1 DADS (formerly Dads) is the solo moniker of Tom Iansek, the front man of alt-pop band Big Scary. According to the#1 DADS bio, the project is a way for Iansek to remain creative between Big Scary album cycles and touring, and to find a place for songs that would remain homeless outside of his more well-known outfit.

I discovered #1 Dads on THE RIPE COMPILATION VOL 2  and fell in love with “Return To”. I love the lyrics and piano in the song. It’s a perfect match to a gray day where the sun wants to pierce through but is smothered by the sadness. “Return To” is from #1 Dads album ABOUT FACE, available now.

#1 DADS: Bandcamp | Facebook | Website

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