Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: September 2014

September kicked off my 8 month lock down. Debt being paid off. Money being saved. All in 8 months. Final destination: ACHIEVING DREAM. So naturally the Universe gifted me songs that kept me focused on my 8 month target. Gave me songs that inspired me to keep pursuing my dream. Gave me songs that motivated me. Gave me songs that lifted me. Gave me songs that were a map to my heart, my soul, and my spirit. I spent a lot of time listening to my spirit this month. I also spent a lot of time nurturing and letting my spirit learn. It gave me an amazing sense of self.

I doubt this song was written to inspire a person to pursue their dreams, but when I heard the lyrics, “I’m tired of giving up so easy. Tired of giving up at all…Nobody said it would be easy…” I was inspired to pursue my dreams. I had given up on a few, but something kicked on in my head when I heard this song. Maybe it was the affirmation that I had given up and that’s not like me. I am the product of my mother and father and a Scorpio. I’m hard headed and tenacious and this song reminded me to stop giving up and start fighting like I have never fought before.

Our Lady Peace is one of those bands that I will always follow even if they put one album out every 10 years. They just put out good, solid tunes and albums. The title says it all. Now that I have my target in sight. I won’t turn back. I love the following lyrics in the song: “Keep running from the voice inside my head. The days are getting longer. Headache a little stronger. Carry that cross to feel like I exist…I’m not ready to stop. I’m not hanging it up. I’ve come to far to turn back now…Dreamers we keep on dreamers…”

I fell in love with this song the moment I heard lead singer, David Jake’s voice. It so reminded me of one of my favorite singers, Peter Gabriel. So much show I would have bet money that Peter Gabriel had guest vocals on the song. I cannot stop listening to song or the album. I love the emotion and strength as David sings: “I’ll baptize in the turn of the corner. I will dive into the gates at the border. I will lie in the sweet of the water. I see clear and I see that I want you…But when the leaves have blew away, you turn deserter…”

It’s about damn time there is new Damien Rice in my life. I’m even more excited to hear the album now that I know that Rick Ruben is producing it as well. The song “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” is classic Damien Rice. A heartbreaking, poetic, confession of love and fear. He kills me with the following lyrics: “You could be my favourite place I’ve ever been. I got lost in your willingness to dream within the dream…You could be my favourite faded fantasy…You could be my poison, my cross, my razor blade. I could love you more than life if I wasn’t so afraid…”

I’ve listened to this song hundred of times, sang the lyrics just as many and as I sat at work, it brought tears to my eyes this month. I connected to the song, to these lyrics: “Wind was blowing, time stood still…Standing stretching every nerve, had to listen had no choice. I did not believe the information. Just had to trust imagination…So I went from day to day. Tho’ my life was in a rut. Till I thought of what I’d say, which connection I should cut…I’m never where I want to be…I will show another me. Today I don’t need a replacement. I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant. My heart going boom boom boom. “Hey” I said “You can keep my things, they’ve come to take me home.” Hearing and connecting to the song made me research the song and I found this quote from Peter Gabriel where he said, “It’s about being prepared to lose what you have for what you might get… It’s about letting go.” And in the month of September I have been preparing to lose a lot for what I want expect in 2015. I’m ready to let go of everything for my dream.

I was having a pretty shitty day and the Universe gifted me this song. It’s amazing how a song can lift your spirits and these lyrics lifted mine: “Sometimes in my tears I drown but I never let it get me down. So when negativity surrounds, I know some day it’ll all turn around because…In this maze you can lose your way. It might drive you crazy but don’t let it faze you no way.”

As summer dwindles down, this song always ups in plays. My favorite lyrics are: “I’ll dream until my head weighs sixteen tons and when I wake some time in June, I’ll say, take me back to the sweet times, the hot nights, everything will be all right in the summer time…and even if I have to wait until next year, don’t care, I’ll meet you there.”

I’m ending September’s Songs of My Life with “3 Roads” by Xavier Rudd because I have ended every night in September with his album SPIRIT BIRD”. This song caught my ear more than once while listening to the album each night. When I hear it, I just feel one with the Universe. It happens a lot when I listen to Xavier Rudd. I think because he presents himself artistically, creatively, and musically a spirit being connecting to the Universe himself. He’s a believer in saving Mother Earth, doing good, and saving the land that corporations have ruined. I dig that. I support that. I believe in that. Listening to Xavier Rudd is not only a joy for me personally but a joy for my spirit.