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Grateful – Day 13

#1 Creativity & the pursuit of creative happiness. I know you’re thinking WTF!?! I take on a lot of creative projects. I create a lot of creative projects. I fall short in a lot of creative projects. I half ass some of them and some I do well. The bottom line is I like doing them all. I don’t write over on my hockey side of my creative blogs a lot. I kind of just stopped all together when I took on my music blog because it brings me a joy in listening and writing about music. While doing that, I found the joy I had while writing about hockey and it reignited a spark there and at this very blog too. My brain is too small for all the creative ideas I have and for the things I want to create. I’m grateful for that even if I spread myself too thin a lot of the time.

#2 Writing. Writing is my #1 love, followed by music and then hockey. I’m very grateful to have this outlet. It has saved me, inspired me, motivated me, and kept me going. I know I wrote about being grateful for writing on day 11, but I’m even more grateful today than I was then.

#3 Inspiration – Some people never get inspired to do better, to think better, to create, to try, to love, to like, to take a step toward something they long for or dream about. I’m grateful that I find inspiration every day to move closer and closer in making my dreams a reality.

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