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WATCH: “Fun in the Sun” by Linus Young

A few days ahead of their debut album CATEGORY 5 being released, the duo know as LINUS YOUNG released a video for their infectious summer anthem, “Fun in the Sun”. The song itself is catchy and infused with sunshine and the laid back vibes of summertime and the video is absolutely adorable with a young boy falling into obsession as young music fans do with LINUS YOUNG. It’s quiet endearing and if you’ve been musically obsessed you understand the young kid’s love.

My one complaint about the video is that the straight “A” student turns into a “F” student and though I understand the reasoning of doing this for the video, I just feel like it’s a bad thing for music and music fans. Listening to music and becoming fans does not make one an “F” student. I was an obsessed music nerd all through my school years and even in my adult years and I still made straight A’s and reluctantly make it to work on time.

Check out the video below & let us know your thoughts in the comments. Remember to pick up CATEGORY 5 on Tues, Oct 7th!

Pick up “Fun In The Sun” now on Amazon.
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